Composite Pipes - PERT / AL / PERT - Pipes



TEMPLET manufactures and distributes complete systems for the production of aluminium-composite pipes worldwide. Aluminium-composite pipes are mainly used in sanitary applications for hot and cold water transport as well as radiator heating systems and more and more replace conventional metal pipes. TEMPLET offers complete production systems for pipes with diameters ranging from 12 mm to 40 mm and from 32mm to 110mm, pressure pipes of up to 10 bar and temperature resistance of up to 95°C.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Absolutely gas and oxygen tight
  • Non electro conductive
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Free, easy formability, yet dimensionally stable
  • Neutral to pH-value fluctuations
  • Resistant to abrasion through PE-X outer layer
  • Butt welded without overlapping


Composite pipe , multi layer pipe

(1) plastic inner pipe

(2) adhesive

(3) aluminium foil

(4) adhesive

(5) plastic jacket


  1. Extrusion of plastic inner pipe
  2. Application of bonding agent by a second extruder
  3. Jacketing of inner pipe with an aluminium pipe
  4. Longitudinal welding of aluminium layer
  5. Application of second bonding layer
  6. Extrusion of PE-X outer pipe



Radiator connection
Plumbing for hot and cold water
• Shipbuilding
• Aircraft
• Underfloor heating
Wall Heater
• Air conditioning
Chemical and food industry
Gas and compressed air lines