TEMPLET offers three systems for caching of the aluminum strip. [more]

Forming tools

With the help of forming tools, the aluminum strips are molded to the plastic inner tube in the desired diameter. [more]

Edge strip winder

The edge strip winder serves the winding of the metal belt-blending in the manufacture of composite pipes. [more]

Straightening unit

Before the trimming of the strip edges, the strip is passed through a straightener, and smoothing the strip. [more]


TEMPLET offers uncoilers at from 500 to 2000kg payload. [more]


The trimming station serves the cutting of a metal strip on both sides in the manufacture of composite pipes. [more]


The belt-haul-offs serves as a belt drive in the manufacture of composite pipes. [more]

Used maschine

TEMPLET offers used but perfectly maintained and serviceable machines. [more]


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